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These are websites I often go to, and may be of interest to you:

Writing.com: A massive community of writers from novice to professional. If you love to read or want to post your own writing for others to read and review, this is the site for you. Be warned, it's so huge you may get addicted.

Advanced Fiction Writing: Created by Randy Ingermanson, he's a prolific author who's also passionate about helping other writers improve their craft.  He also writes a blog that's both informative and entertaining.

Karla Kassebaum is a dear friend of mine who writes for parents seeking to improve their relationship with their children and with God. Her articles are both humble and humorous as she writes about her own learning experiences as a parent and child of God.

Loraine Hunsaker is another dear friend. She has written and self-published three books so far, two as part of a larger series centered around a rock band trying to make a name for themselves in the 1970s. Her characters are well-developed, and she deftly immerses the reader into what the 70s were really like for musicians and other artists struggling for success.

Marcher Lord Press: A new publishing company dedicated to Science Fiction/Fantasy and other speculative fiction novels with a Christian world view. It’s been a long time coming for writers and readers alike who want to enjoy quality Christian-slanted scifi/fantasy, et al.

Writer’s Market Community: Set up similar to Myspace, it’s a new and growing community of writers actively seeking publication and fellow writers to interact with.

My Political Blog: With all that’s happened during this year’s election, I decided I can no longer stay silent with my thoughts on today’s news. Agree or disagree, I hope to at least provide a thoughtful perspective.

Mom’s Artwork: My mom’s a painter, and currently places Mystery Science Theatre 3000 characters into famous artists’ works. You can peruse her paintings and purchase prints as well.
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