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About Me:

I'm a mother of a little boy, wife for 16 years and still going strong, and a Registered Land Surveyor in the state of North Dakota.

What, then, qualifies me to write Christian science fiction?

I've considered myself a writer since my teenage years. I started writing songs for a rock group three friends and I tried to start. The songs included no music accompaniment as I’m no musician. They ended up not much more than glorified poems, but I fell in love with writing from that point forward. Even after the rock-group dream fizzled, I continued to write poems, and then expanded to journal writing, church plays, and short stories.

I didn’t attempt to publish my writing, but it saved my sanity during my tumultuous teenage years.

Writing became my way of communicating with God.

For fifteen years I gave up writing when I strayed from God. About eight years ago when I found a church I liked and rededicated my life to Jesus Christ, I picked up writing again.

But write what? Did I want to write merely for myself, or hone my craft to the point my words were worthy of other eyes?

I love to read science fiction, and Christian fiction I also enjoyed. What I found lacking was Christian science fiction. What I did find didn’t meet my personal criteria for what it should be.

After mulling over my discontent for the lack of books in this specific genre, I felt a nudge that said, “Then you write it.”

So I did. Now almost seven years later and completing a two-year writing course through the Christian Writers Guild, I’ve completed two books of the first trilogy percolating inside my head, a novella (published through Booksurge and available on Amazon), and another book about the life of a minor character who appeared in book one of my trilogy.